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Print Ball Drying Racks

Cost effective and easy solution for hanging your prints to dry

Needing a solution myself to dry my prints, I started looking around at the options.

I liked the print ball drying racks, but they seemed extraordinarily expensive for what they are so, being the kind of person I am I looked at how I could make one for less cost.

I went through several versions, tweaking the design to keep the practicalities and workability of the rack and reducing the cost.

This my print ball drying rack:

Print ball drying rack

Print ball drying rack

Some companies are selling 12 ball, 1 metre print ball drying racks for £100.
These work just as well, will last, and I'm selling them currently at £39.00 including UK delivery.

You can find these (as well as some other items) on my eBay page here: Print Ball Drying Rack.

I am also able to make custom sizes - email me here.