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Print Drying Ball Racks

Printmakers drying racks, a cost effective and easy solution for hanging your prints to dry

Needing a solution myself to dry my prints, I started looking around at the options.

I liked the print drying ball racks, but they seemed extraordinarily expensive for what they are so, being the kind of person I am I looked at how I could make one for less cost.

I went through several versions, tweaking the design to keep the practicalities and workability of the rack and reducing the cost.

Some companies are selling 12 ball, 1 metre print ball drying racks for over £100.

This my print drying ball rack:

Print BallDrying Rack


Print Ball Drying Rack

Suitable for any printmaker, lino printing, etchings etc, to hang your prints very easily and simply without leaving any marks. You simply push the print up between the glass ball and timber and as the ball drops it locks the print in place. To remove, simply push the ball up and remove your print.

Depending on whether you have a dedicated studio or use your kitchen (when available!), you can fix hooks or screw-eyes either end and hang from the ceiling, or balance either end over two chairs as a temporary measure.

More images on my ETSY sales page.

You can find these (as well as some other items) on my ETSY page: Print Drying Ball Rack

Printmakers drying rack - Suitable to hang and dry lino prints, screenprints, etchings; litho prints, engravings, woodcut prints and more.