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2021 News

Vintage card/paper corner cutter needs a new home

So sadly clearing some of my letterpress items that I have decided don't fit in with my future plans, and this beautiful old card and paper corner cutter is up for grabs if you are quick. It is a vintage beast, must be early 20th Century and does need good clean,but it is working and the blade is fine.
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Outdoor Ladder Plant Stands

So what to do I do with an old wooden ladder that is damaged and no longer safe ...I repurpose it in to a number of plant stands for your garden. Could this be the start of a new line of products? I hate throwing things out, but my old wooden ladder had just run out of life ... Read more

Victorian Dark Wood Stool

How I restored this eautiful round topped, turned legs dark finished Victorian wooden stool. Read more

Vintage Church Collections Donations Box

Very strong and sturdy old lockable donations box ~ Great as a swear box, Christmas savings box, general savings box ... Vintage Church Donations Box

Artists Paint Brush Holders

These have been selling well so have been out scouring auctions for some old damaged wood planes that I can bring a new life to ... Read more

Cole & Son Wallpaper Samples

Lovely collection of hand screenprinted wallpaper samples in this Cole & Son samples pack, 25 sheets A4 to A3 covering diferent themes.
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Cut-down Letterpress Trays

Bringing broken full-size letterpress trays back to a life ... Amongst my collection of letterpress trays I have several that have damage. Some have severe woodworm to one end, some have simply been abused and are broken in parts ... read more

French Vintage Handmade Bag

French grandmothers inheritance unwanted by my children, so there it goes on ETS ... read more

Vintage "Star Type" Wooden Crate

Hidden amongst a recent buying spree, a vintage Star Type letterpress crate used to supply type? What do you think ... read more


2020 News

Redesigned Print Drying Racks

I have been refining how I make my print drying racks. This new method makes everything more secure with no chance of any prints ending up on the floor ... Click Here

Craft Hobby Storage and Artist's Paintbrush Holders

So rather than throw away these old wood planes that were passed their use, I've repurposed them in to useful holders for artists, craftspeople and hobbyists ... Read more

Unusual Pen Holders!

Repurposed Lawn Bowls ball in to Pen holder. So have been adding items to my ETSY shop, and at one of my local auctions I came across some old Lawn Bowls balls, but sitting there in the corner of my kitchen the idea came to make them in to pen or pencil holders ... Read more

Selling off John Haddon & Co Composing Stick

Been buying letterpress lots at auctions the last few months to build up my own workshop - selling off some "extras" ... Read more

Launched my ETSY shop

January - So the selling vintage part of my plan has started. Have just spent several hours setting up (and learning how to) my ETSY shop ... Read more

2019 News

The bug has me - bought a Model No 3 Press

October - Wanting to print larger than the Ajax can handle, found and bought a heavy duty Model No 3 press ... Read more

Bought an Ajax Flatbed Press

August - It's taken many decades, but I'm going back to one of my first "loves", letterpress printing. Found this lovely small Ajax flatbed to start with .... Read more