MakerMaking Making, Restoring,
Discovering, Repurposing

Rescued, Restored and Repurposed, vintage, characterful decor and furniture ...

MakerMaking is a mishmash - a way of me making a living doing what I enjoy.

I hope you enjoy something here as well.

Latest additions ...

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Decorative & Vintage items

An eclectic mix of vintage items. Some gathered over the last 40 years that I have decided to part with, some inherited, and many discovered, bought, cleaned and offered for sale as they appeal to my quirky nature. Stock changes continually, but some of the mainstays are:

  • Antique French prints form the 1870's.
  • Vintage French keyrings.
  • Vintage fabrics and trimmings.
  • Vintage useful household items
  • The bizarre and strange.
  • Repurposed industrial items in to new furniture.

I sell these from my ETSY shop here.

Quirky & Repurposed

From turning lawn bowls bowling balls in to pen and paintbrush holders, old card index cabinets in to handy storage sidetables, billiard table irons in to bookends (well that was an easy one), and more, depending on what I can find and how my imagination grabs me.

I sell these from my ETSY shop here.

Letterpress items

This is a by-product of one of my passions, which will be on sale here and elsewhere soon, letterpress printing and lino printing. As I build my own "stock" of letterpress resources, I come across some great items that while I can't use, I restore for resale.

I sell these both on my ETSY shop and on eBay.

Letterpress & Lino

Should really add "coming soon" to that heading. Rediscovering some of my past joys, I am combining lino printing, letterpress printing with some humour and angst.

These artworks will be offered as limited editions, prints and cards - Coming Soon!

Print Ball Drying Racks - Printmaking drying racks

Yet another by-product! Needing somewhere to dry my work, I looked around at the options. Really liking the print ball drying racks that I found, I did baulk at the pricing ... So having the skills and know-how to make some myself, I did.

So at much less than the price of "my competitors, I now offer these for sale. Find out more here: Print Ball Drying Racks, Printmaking drying racks



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