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About MakerMaking


The Past

It's been a varied past, careers as a litho printer, salesperson (motorbikes and custom car parts), despatch rider, waiter, theatre stage hand, props person and maker, props supervisor, website designer, marketing agent and a couple of things I can't remember (or rather not talk about!).

Before the careers started though I had a short love affair with letterpress printing, starting at the age of around 13 with an 5x3 Adana and ending at around 18 with a Cropper Charlton Peerless 11x7 Treadle. Even set up a small business offering visiting cards, and stationery to family, friends and the locals.

In my mid 20's I went to university to take an arts degree, producing a myriad of strange mobiles and sculptures, and enoying printmaking, photography and life drawing.


The Present

It's January 2020 as I type this, and I've recently given up on the website design and marketing agent "stuff" (with the support of my long suffering wife), and am rekindling past passions planning to make a living from these ... letterpress, lino, and some "buying and selling.

I've recently bought an old small Ajax No 2 flatbed press, and a solid heavy Model No 3 platen 6x9 press. Both need restoring, so while I am doing that, I am filling some notebooks with "lino and letterpress" ideas.

Meanwhile I've just set up an Etsy shop, and along with my eBay store and am doing some buying and selling of vintage items as well as making some "print ball drying racks" for printmakers (see the shop page).


The Future

Who knows exactly, but the path laid-out is printmaking, letterpress, buying and selling, buying and selling some letterpress stuff and more holidays as soon as we can either trust the "kids" to be home alone, or they move out ... stay tuned (check the news page for updates).

Onward and upward ...