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January 2021

Cole & Son Wallpaper Samples

Beautiful collection of 25 wallpaper sample sheets

Cole & Son Wallpaper Sample Book

So picked this up this week, a collection of lovely hand screenprinted wallpaper samples in this Cole & Son samples book.

The samples are contained in a very well made sturdy vinyl covered thick card box, with only slight wear, with the Cole & Son details along with the Queen's Warrant emblem in gold on the front.

Once opened it reveals 23 Cole & Son wallpaper samples of different sizes, 2 x from Prestigous Textiles Ltd, all held in place by a blue ribbon.

They vary in size from around A4 to A3, and cover abstract and landscape themes.

Cole & Son Wallpaper Sample Box

For details about each sheet and more photographs, visit my ETSY listing: Cole & Son Wallpaper Samples


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