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February 2021

Artist's Paint Brush Holders

Busy converting more damaged and discarded wood planes in to artist's paintbrush holders and stands ...

Artists Paintbrush Holder


Well, these are doing so well I've been hunting for old damaged wooden planes that I can give a new lease of life to.

Luckily for me and unfortunately for the planes, I've just sourced another bundle of them at a local auction.

They were ignored by other bidders as they either had woodworm, splits or the blades were missing ~ great for me!

This time I've got some moulding planes as well as the planes I've used before.

All the ones with worm get treated with a branded woodworm treatment, and get cleaned, drilled and waxed.

Artists Paintbrush Stand


You can see all the paintbriush holders that I currently have available here: Artists Gifts ~ Artist's Paintbrush Stands


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