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Rare John Haddon & Co Copper/Brass Composing Stick

So I've been out and about the last few months buying letterpress lots at various auctions, primarily to build up my stock of items.

But, as many times items are sold in boxes, I've ended up with more than I need (who needs 6 composing sticks - unless you are a collector).

So I've started going through everything, deciding on what I'm keeping and what can go.

One of the items that can go is a really beautiful and tactile John Haddon & Co copper and brass 12 inch composing stick I picked up.

John Haddon & Co 12 inch Copper Composing Stick

John Haddon Composing Stick

It really is lovely, but right now I'm more interested in investing in my stock of type, so no matter how beautiful I find it, it's off to eBay.

I've also put up some Cornerstone ally furniture if you need some ...

Here are the links:

John Haddon & Co 12 inch Copper and brass Composing Stick

Cornerstone Aluminium Furniture.

I'll be posting more letterpress items on to eBay over the next few days, as well as some new items for my Etsy shop.

Stay busy, stay happy ...


Update 18th Feb ...

Added three 13"x8" steel gallies that are surplus to requirements:

Letterpress 13"x8" Steel Galley, One

Letterpress 13"x8" Steel Galley, Two

Letterpress 13"x8" Steel Galley, Three

Plus two more composing sticks:

John Haddon & Co 6 inch Steel Composing Setting Stick

Harrild & Sons 8 inch Steel Composing Setting Stick

Hempel Wedges with Key, Old Letterpress