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February 2021

Outdoor Ladder Plant Stands

So what to do I do with an old wooden ladder that is damaged and no longer safe ...I repurpose it in to a number of plant stands for your garden.

Could this be the start of a new line of products? I hate throwing things out, but my old wooden ladder had just run out of life ~ the warning creaks and groans as I used the poor thing clearly announced time for a new one.

Outdoor Ladder Plant Stand

So ... what do I do with an old wooden ladder, paint splattered, dented, and wobbly.

Cut it in to sections, a couple of screws here and there, and some bright paint and there you have some lovely outdoor garden shelves for your herbs and plants.

Outdoor Ladder Plant Stands

I currently have several on offer in the Garden Decor section of my ETSY shop here.


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