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February 2021

Vintage Church Collections Donations Box

Very strong and sturdy old lockable donations box ~ Great as a swear box, Christmas savings box, general savings box ...

Vintage Metal Church Doanations Box


Saw this the other day and thought of it's history. What was great was that it came with the key ~ so often you find an item like this and there is no key.

It's not completely rectangular and has an angled part to the base, with two holes there and two holes on the actual base to securely fit it to a surface.

It's been well made with no chance of casually breaking in to it or levering the door off, and weighs in at over 5kg!

This would be great as a Christmas savings box or swear box, especially if you give the key to someone else to look after so there is no temptation of "borrowing a couple of quid" ...

Church Donation box


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