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January 2020

Launch of my ETSY Shop

Bit of a learning curve, but my ETSY shop is finally up

So my plan to sell my the vintage items, and down the line my artworks, was to use the ETSY platform.

Bit of a learning curve, and the issue that you can't build your shopfront without actually listing items for sale was a bit if a pain, but it's up and running - see for yourself here.

Just loaded a few items while I still explore all the options, and set up some social media promotion channels.

Been busy buying the last few weeks, and what with I already have and the items I've bought, will have it nicely stocked with a range of tasteful (my taste that is!) items by the end of February.

As you can tell, I'm not rushing - want to get it done right, and there still is a ton of stuff to work out.

If you plan to set up an ETSY shop, spend plenty of time reading their help pages, and then forums.

Visit my ETSY shop here:

Maker Making ETSY shop


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