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August 2020

Craft Hobby Storage, Artists Paintbrush holders from repurposed wood planes

So have been adding items to my ETSY shop ...

I've acquired quite a few old wood planes over the months, all with enough defects that they simply can't be used for their original purpose.

They are beautiful objects in their own right, full of character and with some wax polish show a rich patina.

So having one sit on my desk for a few weeks the thought of giving them a new life by turning them in to artist's paint brush and craft hobby storage camein to being

Craft Hobby Storage

Store your paintbrushes, pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, (magnifying glass! Hey, well I use one!)

Craft Hobby Storage


Craft Hobby Storage



Artist's Paintbrush holders

I make these with different number of holes depending on the size of the plane.Great for having all your paintbrushes easily to hand and not fight a bundle of them in a jar.

Artists Paintbrush Holder


Artists Paintbrush Holder


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