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August 2019

Ajax Flatbed Press

Getting back to letterpress after many decades ...

In my youth (early teens!), I was bought an old Adana 5x3 printing press. I loved the process and the smells, and was soon printing visiting/business cards and personal stationery for family and friends.

After a short while I outgrew the Adana and found and restored an old Cropper Peerless 11"x7" No 2. Treadle Platen.

Why I didn't take any photos of these I really don't know and regret.

Well life did it's thing, and I sold the presses to buy a Triumph 650cc TR6 Saint ex-police motorbike.

Some several decades later the letterpress bug bit again, and I found this small Ajax press on an auction site in Scotland.

Ajax Flatbed PressThe Ajax as I found it

With the chase still full of type from it's last print job, and various bits of paper that came with the press I discovered that this was originally bought just after WWII by a Vicar who used it to print his sermons as well as various little print jobs for the community - loads of Old English type came with it.

I've stripped it right down, it needs some new springs, there is a bent bolt that needs careful heating and straightening, but it's all there - time to get to work.

Ajax Flatbed Press stripped downAll stripped down ready for restoring


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